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Safety Inspections to PIPA Standard


The PIPA scheme involves some 52 separate safety checks and is effectively an annual "MOT" for inflatable play equipment. PIPA will continue to be the means through which poorly designed, poorly maintained or badly worn equipment is removed from the market, thereby improving safety for all concerned.


Question - What tests are actually perfomed?

Answer - There are so many - but here is a condensed checklist:


  •     Height of walls in relation to user height.
  •     Measurement of the pressure of air inside the inflatable whilst the fan is running.
  •     Measurement of fall off height.
  •     Depth and height of step in relation to the bouncing surface.
  •     Blower size and suitability and electrical PAT Test.
  •     Suitability of anchorage and state of repair.
  •     Stitch lines.
  •     Fire retardancy.
  •     Air loss points.
  •     Entrapment points.


Every inspector carries a set of specifically designed instruments to assist with the inspection process.

These tools are essential and unique to the process of inspection under the PIPA scheme.

PIPA Tagging


Old style but still valid PIPA tag. When an inflatable has been inspected and passed under the PIPA scheme, a unique identification disc or "PIPA tag" is issued. This tag is attached to the inflatable at the time of testing by the Inspector who carried out the test and passed the inflatable.


New style PIPA tag. The tag is a blue flexible disc approx 10cm in diameter bearing the PIPA logo and a printed identification number (see illustrations). The distribution of these discs is closely monitored by the RPII governing body in order to prevent fraudulent use.


If you have a tagged inflatable claiming to be PIPA registered which does not resemble the illustration, it is likely to be fraudulent and should be reported to the RPII immediately via the PIPA website.


When tags have been issued and attached to individual inflatables, these will generally remain as a means of identification for the entire life of the unit concerned.


By entering the disc or tag number on the PIPA website users can check the inspection status of any tagged inflatable at any time.


Remember, a visible tag may not guarantee that this inflatable has undergone and passed an annual inspection and safety check. The only sure way of knowing is to check its status.

PIPA Certificates


Blank PIPA certificateTest certificates are issued at time of first testing and annually thereafter, much in the same way a car undergoes an MOT test.


The test certificate bears information including:


  •     Date the test was passed.
  •     Expiry date of current certificate.
  •     Tag number of the inflatable.
  •     Certificate number.
  •     Dimensions of the inflatable.
  •     Name, signature and identification number of the inspector carrying out the test.
  •     Test centre stamp which is embossed on the certificate (see illustration).

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